Test Prep

We know how stressful testing season can be, so we’re here to help you and your students prepare. Here are 3 ways that we can help make test-prep season as painless as possible.

1. Reading Skills Practice Tests

Your subscription includes access to our online library of Reading Skills Practice Tests. You’ll find 12 tests that include the same engaging informational texts you find in Scholastic News, along with multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay questions.

2. Quizzes with Every Issue

Did you know we model our multiple-choice questions after those we see on state tests? Use the back-page questions and Quiz Whiz to help students get used to the structure and language of standardized-test questions. To see the quizzes that came with our latest issue, click here and then click on the Teaching Resources tab.

3. Text Sets

Our online collection of text sets includes interactive writing tasks that ask students to synthesize information from multiple sources. These tasks prepare students for standardized tests by guiding them to write informative paragraphs.