The next time you find change in the car or the couch, take a close look at the coin. You might be holding a special new quarter! 

The government agency in charge of making coins is the U.S. Mint. Starting this year, it will make five new quarters each year until 2025. The coins will show important women from U.S. history. 

The first will feature author and poet Maya Angelou. Other women on quarters this year will include astronaut Sally Ride and movie star Anna May Wong. 

This isn’t the first time women have been featured on U.S. coins. For example, women’s rights leader Susan B. Anthony and Native American explorer Sacajawea have appeared on dollar coins.

“Women have made countless contributions throughout our nation’s history,” explains Tracy Scelzo Chavez. She works at the U.S. Mint. 

“This is a unique way to honor them.”