Jim McMahon/Mapman®

Giant trolls are on the loose in Denmark! They’re about 20 feet tall and hang out in outdoor spaces across this country in Europe. They’re ready to greet anyone who crosses their path. 

But don’t worry! These fairy-tale giants are friendly. They’re sculptures made from recycled materials.

The artist who made them is Thomas Dambo. He’s famous for creating art from trash. Dambo uses everything from chunks of plywood to old fences.

In 2020, Dambo was working in Puerto Rico when Covid hit. He decided to go back to Denmark, where he was born. That’s when Dambo came up with the idea to create a troll scavenger hunt!

Working with volunteers, or unpaid helpers, Dambo built 10 huge troll sculptures. He made them out of items people had thrown away. Then he hid the works of art in locations around Denmark. That way people would be surprised when they found them. 

Luckily, his sculptures are spreading! So troll hunters don’t need to travel to Denmark. You can find at least eight of Dambo’s sculptures in the U.S.! 

Will a giant troll surprise you on your next walk?